The stringent International norms have widened the scope for green approaches in the areas of design, manufacturing, operation and reuse of products. It is high time to expose the academia and industry to explore appropriate solutions to the current environmental issues. The eco-friendly practices in the areas of energy, modeling, material, manufacturing and management of resources are deliberated in this conference. The forum brings together the leading academic scientists and researchers to share their experience of their most recent innovations, challenges and the solutions adopted in the field of Green System.


The theme of the conference is to GO GREEN in the fields of design, manufacturing, operation and disposal of materials to save the mother Earth. The focus of the conference is to open a new paradigm to deliberate on eco-friendly and robust design, use of materials with less environmental impact, use of fewer materials, optimal utilization of resources during manufacturing processes. Also, produce no or less pollution & waste and reuse, recycle of materials. The emphasis is on the zero defects or do it right at first design, Materials in Biomedical applications, Operation and management of systems with green initiatives.

Sub Themes  to be addressed in this conference include, but are not limited to the following:

Sub Themes

  • Tribology
  • Energy
  • Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
  • Materials
  • Computational Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Management
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Farming Equipment/Implements

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